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  • Referees should always appear in the appropriate uniform with shirts tucked in and socks up.
  • File reports no later than Monday following the match date.
  • Be sure to reply to referee e-mail assignments each week.
  • Get the first and last name of both team coaches and include them in your referee report.
  • Provide the referee coordinator with your cell phone number if you would like to be “on call” for any open games on the weekend. A text message will be sent out to find a referee for all last minute uncovered games.
  • If you cannot make your assigned game at the last minute, Friday night through Sunday, you MUST call Chris Petrellese (cell 516-318-6054), LSC Referee Coordinator, to let him know.
  • Use the online referee report to file your reports for each game. You may submit a hard copy (Downloadable LSC Referee Report) or e-mail the required info if you prefer to [email protected].  If there is any issue with a game fill out REF REPORT on Sunday and send it immediately.
  • In the event of cancellations, an e-mail will be sent to all referees.  If you are refereeing any matches on the day games are cancelled, you should e-mail back a confirmation that the message was received.  If you do not respond within the hour, you will receive a phone call.

All referees should be prepared with the following equipment for each match:

  1. Two watches, either stop or wristwatch
  2. Two whistles
  3. Two flags
  4. Red and Yellow cards
  5. Coin, to decide who gets ball for kickoff, (a quarter works)