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About the Pelini Fund

In 1999 the Luigi Pelini Memorial Scholarship Program was established to reward our outstanding travel soccer players.  This program was created in honor of Luigi Pelini who founded the Levittown Soccer Club in 1976.  Scholarships are awarded to graduating High School seniors who meet the eligibility requirements.

The intention of this award is to recognize those individuals who through their participation in the Levittown Soccer Club, love of youth soccer, and dedication to community service have demonstrated their ability and readiness to contribute and succeed in our society.

The Pelini Fund is a charitable fund that was established as an extension of our scholarship program to provide aide and support to families and programs in our community as well as fundraise for various organizations such as volunteer fire departments, ambulance corps, PTAs and other civic organizations.

In addition to supporting community programs, LSC through the Pelini Fund has also established yearly fundraising and gifting events.  Kick it to Cancer which is a breast cancer awareness event takes place in October.  Funds raised from this event are donated to Pink Promises which is a campaign sponsored by The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Annual donations are also made to the Levittown USFD Holiday Adopt A Family Program which supports children in the Levittown School district during the holidays.

In the short history of this program, the Levittown Soccer Club Pelini Fund has been able to donate more than $400,000 to scholarships and other important causes.

If you would like more information on the Pelini Fund or would like to inform us of another cause that could benefit from this program, please contact Jim San Filippo at [email protected]