For Immediate Release

Levittown Soccer Club is thrilled to announce that the Board of Directors has entered into partnership with New York City Football Club Youth Programs.  This is an opportunity for LSC to bring top-quality coaching and resources to our players beginning this coming Fall 2023 season.

 This partnership with NYCFC is a significant step forward for our club as it provides our players with access to some of the most experienced coaches and programming in the region.  In addition to conducting regular training sessions for all our players throughout the year, this relationship will allow LSC and NYCFC to offer camps, clinics, and exclusive opportunities for our players to connect with the NYCFC organization.

 Jim SanFilippo, Levittown Soccer Club President, said, “I am extremely excited to welcome NYCFC to our club as I feel that this partnership will enhance our players’ learning and enjoyment of our great game. I am looking forward to seeing our players on the field with NYCFC as early as this coming summer.”

 This collaboration aims to elevate the level of play and coaching at our club.  It will also provide our players with new opportunities to develop their skills and compete at a higher level.

 “We are incredibly excited to partner with Levittown Soccer Club,” said Director of Youth Programs at New York City Football Club Kevin Dorn.  “Levittown Soccer Club’s values of character, community, teamwork, inclusivity and growth are a perfect alignment with the values of NYCFC Youth Programs.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the club and members of Levittown to assist in developing players on the field, but more importantly, helping develop leaders in the classroom and community as well.”

 Levittown Soccer Club is dedicated to player development and we are confident that our players will benefit greatly from this partnership.  We look forward to collaborating and working closely with NYCFC to provide the best possible soccer experience for our players in all programs.

 Sessions with NYCFC Youth Programs coaches will begin in August 2023.