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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Note: Registration for all of our First Touch, Academy, and Interleague programs is conducted on a first come-first served basis.  Players who register mid season will be placed on a wait list initially and will be contacted if a roster spot becomes available.

    • “How old does my child have to be to play soccer?”
      A child must be born in the year 2020 or 2019 for the First Touch Program.  The Academy Program is for players born in 2018, 2017 and 2016.   The Interleague Program is for children born in the year 2015 or earlier.  Players born in 2015 and later are eligible to be evaluated for the Elite and Travel Programs.
    • “When is the registration period?”
      Registration for the Fall and Spring seasons usually begins in May and runs thru mid August.  Elite and Travel Players will register after they have been selected for a team.
    • “How can I register my child?”
      In order to register your child, please go to our website at www.levittownsoccerclub.org and follow prompts for “Programs.”  All registration is completed through the GotSport third party site.  First time users must create an account before completing registration.  LSC only offers online registration with credit card as the only payment option.
    • “What paperwork do I need to submit to register my child to play soccer?”
      Registration and payment is completed online.  A copy of your child’s birth certificate (if he or she is a first-time registrant) will need to be uploaded at the time of registration.  A player will be registered and rostered to a team only if all the paperwork is complete, and the proper fee has been paid.
    • “How much are the registration fees?”
      Once you create and log in to your GotSport account all fees and available discounts will be visible to you based on available programming based on the player’s birth year.  For the 2023-24 seasonal year per player registration fees are:
      • First Touch $300.00
      • Academy Phase I $400.00
      • Academy Phase II $585.00
      • Interleague $475.00
      • Elite $1,425.00
      • Travel $350.00
    • “What is included in the registration fee?”
      • For First Touch, Interleague and Academy Players
        • Uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) for all First Touch, Interleague and Academy players.
        • Training Shirt for all Academy Phase II and Interleague players.
        • Secondary Insurance – $500 deductible for all LSC member players
        • Weekly training sessions planned and executed by a professional coaching staff (a second weekly session based on age group) and 1 game per week as per the published game schedule dependent on program.
        • Trophy for all participants awarded at the conclusion of the spring season
        • Holiday Party
      • For Elite Players
        • Training Shirt for all players
        • Secondary Insurance – $500 deductible for all LSC member players
        • 2 Weekly training sessions planned and executed by a professional coaching staff in the Fall and Spring seasons and 1 weekly during the winter.
        • League game and cup competitions
      • For Travel Players
        • League Fees for one competition
        • Secondary Insurance – $500 deductible
        • All training, tournament, uniform and equipment expenses are the responsibility of the parent
    • “What happens if my child’s registration is received after the registration deadline?”
      Any registration received after the deadline for First Touch, Academy or Interleague will be put on a waiting list. Players will be added to a team roster if space permits, based on the date the registration was received.  For the Elite and Travel programs players may or may not be added to a roster based on League rules.
    • “When does the soccer season start?”
      The soccer year runs from September (usually the first weekend after Labor Day) to mid-June, and consists of a Fall and a Spring season.  The Spring season begins in April.  Each recreational soccer season typically consists of at least a seven-game schedule.
    • “What other equipment will my child need?”
      • – Soccer ball – Size 3 for U4-U7, Size 4 for U8-U12, Size 5 for U13 and older
      • – Shin guards (mandatory), Soccer Cleats  for all Academy, Interleague, Elite and Travel players
      • – Soccer cleats are not permitted for the First Touch Program
    • “When and where are the practices?”
      All training schedules are released prior to the start of the season.  Training days and times may vary between Fall and Spring.
    • “Can I request that my child is on the same team as a sibling or friend for carpooling reasons?”
      For First Touch/Academy/Interleague we can possibly accommodate requests for carpooling with one other player.  This request must be indicated at the time of registration for both players.  Siblings will be kept together on request, as long as they belong in the same age and gender appropriate bracket.  Please note requests are not guaranteed.  Elite and Travel players are placed on teams based on ability and requests are not considered.
    • “Can I request that my child has a specific coach?”
      We cannot guarantee that a player will be on a team or with the same coach or Parent Administrator as last year.  Players will be reassigned from year to year in an attempt to keep teams competitive across the program.  We generally do not entertain coach or Parent Administrator requests from players.
    • “I have a conflict. Can I request a specific practice day and time?”
      Unfortunately no – practice day and times are pre-determined at the Club level to make the most efficient schedules for our coaches and cannot be altered.
    • “When and how will I find out what team my child is on?”
      The Parent Administrator will contact you once your child has been placed on a team roster.
    • “Is participating in practices and games mandatory?”
      Soccer is a team sport and participating in practice fosters a team approach to the game, besides learning and trying new techniques. Practices and games, across all programs, should be attended unless you are ill or there is a legitimate conflict with a school, family or personal event.  Please inform your Parent Administrator immediately  if you are unable to attend a practice or game.  Players in the Elite and Travel programs are expected to attend 85% of all events at a minimum.
    • “My question was not answered here. Who can I contact?”
      Registration questions should be directed to the club registrar, while the Program Directors can answer any questions pertaining to their specific program.  Please remember that these people are volunteers and are typically only available in the evenings.  Click HERE for a contact list of Board Members and Club Officials.  Please note that we are unable to address questions via social media.