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Specifically designed for children born between 2017 and 2019, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum based on the City Play Model. 

The LSC Academy curriculum is broken into two phases, ensuring that your child receives a well-rounded education in all aspects of the game.  With a focus on player development, our program is designed to help your child draw out their full potential and become the best soccer player they can be. 

The program begins the week after Labor Day and continues through the second week of November.  After a brief winter hiatus, we pick up again in the first week of April and run through to the second week of June.  Exact dates will be announced closer to our start date.  Sign your child up for LSC Academy today and watch as they grow and develop into skilled, confident players! 

 [U6-U7] Academy Phase 1 

Welcome to the exciting next phase of the LSC player pathway.  Now, your child will have the opportunity to experience a regular schedule of both training and games.  All training sessions are under the expert guidance of youth coaches from the New York City FC Youth Programs. 

 During our weekly training sessions, your child will learn advanced skills and techniques, as well as valuable team-building strategies, all of which are designed to help them become a top player on the field.  

In our Academy Phase 1 program, we believe that participation in both training and games is crucial for your child’s development as a player, and our coaches work tirelessly to ensure that your child receives the best possible experience.  

[U8] Academy Phase 2 

The Academy Phase 2 program is specifically designed to prepare your child for the LSC Elite or Interleague Programs that begin at age 9.  Our program offers twice-weekly training sessions led by youth coaches from the New York City FC Youth Programs. 

Much like in Academy Phase 1, each Sunday your child will take part in game days that last around an hour and are also facilitated by the professional coaches of New York City FC Youth Programs.  Academy Phase 2 provides the perfect opportunity for your child to showcase the progression of their skills and abilities.  

At our program, we believe that the key to success lies in a strong foundation of advanced skills and techniques, as well as a deep understanding of team dynamics.  That’s why we’ve designed this phase of our program to offer the best possible preparation for your child’s future success in soccer.