PO Box 325 Levittown, NY 11756

Our Organization

The Levittown Soccer Club was founded in 1976 when that September, on the first day of school, Luigi Pelini and his wife Donna set up a table outside of Gardiners Avenue School and registered 35 children to play soccer.  The children combined with the players of Huntington and travelled there to play until Luigi removed cast iron heating pipes from his basement and welded together the first goal posts for a soccer field at Gardiners Avenue School.  The team scored their first goal on Mother’s Day 1977.

That was the beginning.  Our organization was established as a community club for the children in and around Levittown.  And since that time Levittown Soccer Club has grown to over 1300 members that come from all over Long Island and we are able to provide programming for children ages 3 to 19, children of all ages with special needs,  and adults who have become lifelong fans of our sport.  We will continue to support and serve our community as we encourage everyone to learn and love the beautiful game.

Our Mission Statement

To work together to help all athletes develop in to leaders in the classroom, community, and on the field through soccer by providing training, competition, and encouragement regardless of their background or individual abilities.

Our Core Values

• Character – We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  Our members will treat all teammates, coaches, opponents and referees with respect.  We will abide by the rules and conduct ourselves in a fair and honest manner.

• Community – We believe that we connect with our community through soccer.  Our players are not just part of a team, they are also part of the larger LSC family and the community in which they live. We encourage our players to engage with those communities and offer support to other programs.

• Teamwork – We believe in unity.  Learning to work together towards a common goal  and achieving that goal.  Our players support their teammates, families and friends with selflessness and solidarity.

• Inclusivity – We believe that soccer is for all.  We will continue to do our best to make sure that there is a place in our club for everyone to participate at an appropriate level.

• Growth –  We believe that growth is the path to success.  Our commitment is to the improvement of our players, programs, club and ourselves by pursing education opportunities to encourage the individual growth of all our program participants.